Coty Inc Manager - Digitally Enabled Consumer/Product Design in Paris, France

Reporting to the Director – Consumer/Product Understanding responsible for bringing Consumer/Product understanding into all of our R&D innovation programs in Luxury which serve Coty’s Industry Leading Fragrance Brands (which includes Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Chloe, Gucci, Hugo Boss, Balenciaga Bottega Veneta, Alexander McQueen, Burberry, Joop, Davidoff, and Miu Miu) you will be leading Consumer/Product Development Program focussed on Digital. This is a Luxury Research & Development role and your mission is to define how we can leverage the vast amounts of data generated on a daily basis by the total R&D organisation (and beyond) to develop and deliver brilliantly irresistible luxury fragrance experiences both within the physical and digital worlds.

Specifically this includes using Big Data/Data Science & Digital approaches and thinking (What’s possible) in combination with core consumer understanding (What’s needed) both from your own research and leveraging your partners in the broader consumer/product understanding team to:

  1. Identify ways to link disparate data sets to build more holistic views of the Luxury Fragrance Consumer/User Experience.

  2. Find opportunities to supplement and enhance existing R&D data sets both through pre-market and in market research/data collection. This may include exploration and adaptation of best in class research tools and methodologies from other industries and adaptation into beauty.

  3. Utilise the above to

  4. Establish new segmentation models.

  5. Unlock previously untapped opportunities for consumer delight in our research programs.

  6. Identify new consumer/product insights.

  7. Leverage all of the above to establish data enhanced fragrance/experience development programs and personally drive the consumer/product understanding work for these projects. This would include definition of success criteria, establishment of the desired consumer/user experience and development and testing of hypotheses (via appropriate consumer research).

We have a number of programs already active in this space involving Machine Learning, AI, VR and Sensorial Recognition and you will have a key role to play in these projects in the future. You will be working in partnership with your colleagues in the Consumer/Product understanding team, a Data Scientist, our team of Sensory Scientists, the Fragrance Design Team and very closely with our Stretch Innovation Team (based in Paris) who are responsible for innovation program acceleration, bringing the external innovation ecosystem into Coty Luxury R&D and developing propositions built from this, to launch readiness. You will also need to be able to identify, manage and leverage relationships with external partners and/or academia for maximum impact on your programs.

This role also has the potential to expand to include exploratory work in the area of Data Philanthropy to identify potential opportunities to enable the Coty Corporate Responsible Growth Strategy.

There will be some travel required to Versoix/Geneva as part of the role.

Experience/Skills/Behaviours :

  • Scientific background – Masters Degree or higher or Bachelors degree with 3-5 years relevant experience.

  • Demonstrated success in the use of digital data to drive development of user experiences.

  • High awareness of digital industry, latest developments and ability to foster relationships with external partners.

  • Proven track record of leveraging in context and digital user/consumer research to drive product development (qualitative and quantitative) ideally including online consumer community management and A/B testing.

  • Knowledge of core analyst techniques to process, cleanse and validate data integrity would be highly advantageous.

  • High level of business ‘savviness’ to drive applicability of Digital Based R&D work.

  • Ability to integrate both data and intuition to make decisions and recommendations.

  • Demonstrated high level of team spirit.

  • Excellent stake holder management and capacity to engage teams quickly and effectively.

  • Fluency in English, French would be a plus.

  • An interest in Fragrances and the Olfactive world is highly advantageous. Curiosity and passion for understanding consumers in the digital world of beauty is a must.