Coty Inc R&D Packaging Group Leader in Paris, France

R&D Packaging is responsible for supporting business strategy in meeting their current and future needs, in term of Packaging and Product Innovation, with a Consumer Driven approach.

Key Areas of Responsibility Include:

  • Category Strategy - Deliver innovation and value for money in accordance with the agreed Business Plans and Procurement Strategy. Drive category towards continuous improvement based on knowledge of consumer insights, and technical intelligence.

  • Project Conception and Industrialization – Collaborate with marketing and their creative resources (e.g. Technology Innovation Council Category Leaders, external or in-house designers) on establishing feasibility and cost parameters for each new initiatives proposed concepts.

  • Managing Relationship - Develop positive relationships with business partners to understand current and future business needs. Seek, develop, and promote new ideas & innovation. Ensure industrial partners (e.g Procurement, Production, Engineering) involvement in process right from the onset.

  • R&D PACKAGING as a key player – Demonstrate the value of R&D Packaging function to the business through managing and anticipating expectations. Be mindful of the Coty objectives and act to reach them (Innovation, Gross margin adherence, customer service).

  • Company-wide responsibilities

  • Understand Coty’s business strategy and R&D Packaging contribution through initiatives development.

  • Ensure relevant relationship between R&D Packaging and all Coty business partners.

  • Communicate the value of R&D Packaging function to the business.

  • Work to deliver maximum efficiency and value to business stakeholders.

  • R&D Packaging responsibilities

  • Lead and manage a team to support a specific business area (brand portfolio, category innovation, technical support).

  • Define the goals of the team and build strategies to achieve them.

  • Manage some specific projects.

  • Use appropriate processes, techniques, and tools to support category management and improve initiatives performance.

  • Support Procurement supplier selection strategy by providing feedback on periodical performance assessment (innovation category)

  • Conduct packaging activity in accordance with Coty stated ethics and legal policies.

  • Collaborate with all Coty R&D Packaging network on common Coty packaging interests.


  • Collaborate with marketing and their creative resources on establishing cost and feasibility parameters for each new proposed concept

  • Collaborate with internal departments and external suppliers to determine feasibility of new packaging related to functionality, aesthetics, compatibility, timing, cost, and quality

  • Apply the Packaging End to End frame work

  • Use all packaging tools and processes to lead to approved pre-cost and pre-specifications for Components and Finished goods.

  • Ensure robust Technical Readiness

  • Comply with Geneva validation process

  • Support NPD process in the gate milestones and CPS adherence

  • Apply regulatory requirements

  • Standardization and Simplification

  • Reduce complexity by offering marketing the Global Packaging Menu of components, where available.

  • Systematically define cost savings opportunities during conception by building them in the original design wherever possible.

  • Hand over a proved feasibility to Supply Chain Packaging

  • Accountable and responsible for a technically ready executable package up to … delivey. Collaborate with the assigned factory team(s) during all phases of new projects.

  • Qualify production tools and Validate Packaging Lines

  • Ensure final product quality & design integrity compared to marketing’s approved packaging definition.

  • Contribute Packaging Test Methods maintenance (in coordination with QA)

  • Update and standardize Test methods

  • Communicate to Suppliers on relevant test methods

  • Drive ideation actions and related programs to convert into innovative products


  • Contribute to the Technology Roadmap for blue-sky innovation.

Support Innovation Council and Technology Platforms programs

  • Keep up-to-date with latest packaging technology, market trends, and materials (trade shows, trade literature, professional memberships, suppliers’ visits, attendance of pertinent seminars & conferences).

  • Collaborate with strategic suppliers on exploration and development of prospective innovative products or technology for Coty’s exclusive use.


  1. Team management

  2. Ability to function with ease in both marketing and technical environments.

  3. Creating positive relationships and receptive atmosphere with the Business partners through the appropriate management of their expectations and agreed objectives.

  4. Excellent communication skills, both oral and written.

  5. Self-motivated and self-disciplined individual, able to work in relative autonomy.

  6. Demonstrated performance agility in a rapidly changing work environment.

  7. Ability to perform under pressure and stay focus on targets


  1. Demonstrated creativity, flexibility, and uses innovative approaches (“out of box”).

  2. Possess technical curiosity

  3. Share new ideas with Technical global community

  4. Support prospective development work


  1. Academic degree in Packaging engineering or equivalent

  2. Demonstrated broad and in-depth knowledge of packaging materials and processes.

Good ability to perform Design validation, Risk analysis, and Costing

  1. Demonstrated ability to well translate packaging concepts to final technical components drawings, specifications, and the related industrial processes (including analyzing all technical and functional aspects of the package).