Coty Inc Senior Manager - Data Science in Paris, France

Coty is one of the world’s leading beauty companies with $9 Bn in revenue, a rich entrepreneurial heritage and an iconic portfolio of leading brands (more than 77 over 130 countries worldwide). Coty is organized into three divisions: Coty Consumer Beauty, Coty Luxury and Coty Professional Beauty.

We are the global leader in fragrances, with the number two position in Salon Hair and number three in Color Cosmetics.

We are looking for a Manager (reporting to the Senior Manager) to develop the strategy of Color Cosmetics brands in retail, including leading the translation of the brand identity in the store and the design & delivery of all permanent & temporary in-store materials (together with qualified agency partners).

This is a Research and Development position building Data Science capability in the Luxury innovation organisation to enable the development of brilliantly irresistible luxury products and experiences. You will be reporting to the Director of Long Term Research who is responsible for the team developing a portfolio of innovation to serve Coty’s Industry Leading Fragrance Brands (which includes Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Chloe, Gucci, Hugo Boss, Balenciaga Bottega Veneta, Alexander McQueen, Burberry, Joop, Davidoff, and Miu Miu)

As Senior Data Scientist, you will take the lead on our main projects, with considerable autonomy in how you run things.

  1. Manage unstructured and varied R&D datasets (fragrance information, consumer data) with modern tools (Python, Spark, AWS), on problems ranging from recommendations to clustering to NLP to image classification and ultimately to enable the team to develop irresistibly brilliant Luxury Fragrance Experiences.

  2. Develop models to answer fragrance design challenges and predict market share build for products/experiences.

  3. Work with the other senior members of the team to shape the strategic direction, and work with internal business stakeholders to decide on and design new products.

  4. Build algorithms to predict the interaction between Fragrances and other technologies/substrates.

You will be working in partnership with an expert in Digitally Enabled Consumer/Product Understanding and Development, our team of Sensory Scientists, the Long Term Research technology team and very closely with our Stretch Innovation Team (based in Paris) who are responsible for innovation program acceleration, bringing the external innovation ecosystem into Coty Luxury R&D and developing propositions built from this.

You will also be responsible for defining and managing the IT infrastructure to support the work and for finding and leveraging appropriate external networks to bring additional capability and capacity where needed.

This role also has the potential to expand to include exploratory work in the area of Data Philanthropy to identify potential opportunities to enable the Coty Corporate Responsible Growth Strategy.

There will be some travel required to Versoix/Geneva.

Professional Experience / Qualification / Ideal Fit :

  • Statistics/Data Modelling or Data Science degree – Masters or Higher

  • Strong computational, mathematical, statistical or other quantitative skills.

  • Expert in Python (or multiple other languages, e.g. R, Matlab, Java Script, Java, C++).

  • Knowledge of SQL, MongoDB, Spark, or other tools for wrangling large datasets.

  • Track record in bringing complex data related projects to fruition and shown their value, e.g. built products that other people use, provided insights that have shaped decisions, published in peer reviewed journals, contributed to open source projects, written things that have been widely read, spoken at conferences/events, or similar.

  • Experience in modelling scientific data would be an advantage – an interest in Chemistry would also be valuable.

  • Experience in applying machine learning to a variety of problems, and in building software to a high standard.

  • Clear data communicator: experienced in engaging research partners and stakeholders with varying levels of data expertise.

  • Demonstrated high level of business ‘savviness’ to creatively solve R&D challenges using data science.

  • Experience in optimisation, AB testing, complex visualisations, forecasting, NLP, ensemble models, Bayesian approaches, active learning, image recognition, or sentiment analysis.

  • You’re comfortable writing HTML, JavaScript and building for the web.

  • Fluency in English, French would be a plus.